Different Types of Driveway Gates

The driveway is an essential part of the home. It is a private road, which the house owner has the main access of. It can be decorated as it is a part of your home. Normally the family who owns the house has the only access to the driveway; however there are still some people from the neighborhood who have this annoying habit of using another driveway for rerouting or doing vehicle turns. If you are a homeowner who’s particular with the privacy of your home or one who works hard to maintain its beauty, then you can try building a gate around your driveway.

There are different types of driveway gates which you can install. The type depends on your purpose, which could either be to add aesthetic value to your home or security or maybe both. If your concerns are both, then you can choose from the different types according to your judgment or contact your driveways contractor – they can help you choose depending on your need. Gates are made of either metal or wood, and remember that metals cost higher than wood. Again you should choose depending on your family’s needs. Here are the different types of driveway gates you can choose from:


Sliding gates. The sliding gates mainly use small wheels for opening and closing. There are two types of driveway sliding gates: the first one utilizes the wheels for opening and closing and the gates rest on top of these wheels; the second one is the one which most families use today – the cantilevered type gate, which also have wheels that are attached to another section of the fence or the wall.


Swing gates. Swing gates come in single or double. The single swing gate is the easiest to install and also the most economical. The double swing gate is the most elegant-looking. Nevertheless, it is better if the swing direction of your gates is directed towards your property instead of outside. While swing gate installment may look easy, there are a lot of things to consider – more than the ones you should think of when installing other types of gates.


Garden gates. Garden gates stand lower compared to the sliding and swing gates. They are low-level gates and depending on the installation and material, they are strong enough to protect your driveway and your home. They open on a shorter distance, which is ideal if the family vehicle is smaller and only needs enough space for storage and maneuvering. While most people think that garden gates are only available in wood material, there are also contractors who offer those which are made of steel.


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